Top 8 Globat Skills Oil and Gas Courses

When people talk about the oil and gas sector, most do not know the different sects which it contains. Many smaller sections combine to make up the entire industry. Understanding the industry as the whole is quite a task, and as such, industry experts suggest mastering one or two parts of it to become an expert yourself.

One way to properly get a grasp of the section you are interested in is to either study it as a course in school or attend specific training designed for that particular field. That’s why Globat Skills has put together a variety of courses in the oil and gas industry, taught by industry experts to give you hands-on experience in working in this field.

Globat Skills offers the following courses:


1. Environmental Accounting

Environmental accounting training involves the examination of accounting standards, policies, and practices in the oil and gas industry. It also examines the accounting and financial management implications of exploring and producing oil and gas.

2. Mud Logging Training

Mud logging is the creation of borehole recording. It also has to do with the complete recording of parts of rock and sediments brought to the surface by the drilling medium. Mud logging technicians determine positions of hydrocarbons concerning depth, identify downhole lithology, monitor natural gas entering the drilling mud stream and draw well logs for use by oil companies.


3. Mud Supervisor

A mud supervisor monitors the performance of drilling, completion & workover fluid systems during well operations and oversees the work of the well site engineer in optimizing fluid system performance and controlling costs.

4. Oil and Gas Accounting

Get trained on financial reporting policies and practices applicable in Oil and Gas Industry.

5. Oil and Gas Safety Training

A job in the oil and gas industry is lucrative but it involves many risks. The process of oil drilling, refining, mining could be hazardous to health. This course teaches you, in great detail, about safety measures and how to avoid hazards.

6. Primary Cementing

Primary cementing is the basis for efficient well performance. A successful primary cementing job is one of the most important operations in the drilling or completion of a well. Learn about the principles and practices of designing, planning, and conducting successful casing and cement jobs.

7. Solids Control and Waste Management

Solids control and waste management is a course designed to help our trainees improve how they manage, treat, and dispose of waste generated while drilling a well. Contribute your bit to the protection of our environment.

8. Bid and Tender Management Course

Get high-quality training on how to put together an award-winning bid/tender document. Professional bid/tender writing is not just about putting words together, especially in the oil and gas industry.

We go into much more detail with each of these courses. Visit our website to get started. Or contact us for more information.

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