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5 Reasons to Explore a Career in Oil and Gas

5 Reasons to Explore a Career in Oil and Gas

In terms of monetary (Dollar) value, the oil and gas sector is considered to be the biggest. It is a global powerhouse that sees the workforce of thousands of workers worldwide. It also generates billions of dollars globally annually. The oil and gas sector also contributes a significant amount towards a countries GDP. A career in oil and gas at this point would seem like a really good idea.

So why consider a career in oil and gas? The pay is quite juicy, too juicy we can’t ignore. But in this article, we will look at some other reasons why you may want to consider a career in the oil and gas sector:


    The oil and gas sector all over the world continues to grow. More reserves are found every day in new places and exploration continues in Countries where oil and gas has been established.
    Some countries with large oil reserves include Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Canada. With 250 years worth of reserves, Canada sits comfortably as the 3rd largest reserve. 
    The oil and gas sector is going nowhere.


    To be the industry responsible for most of the world’s revenue, the oil and gas industry is committed to facing challenges and finding solutions to them. Providing energy for a growing global population is no small feat.
    Extracting, mining, refining and transportation of energy products require high levels of sophistication. It also has to put into consideration environmental sustainability that will cater to reducing carbon emission, safer and better extraction and transportation, etc. Being able to contribute to this is just another reason to join the oil and gas industry.


    When it comes to the oil and gas industry, there are 3 key areas: Upstream, midstream and downstream. These have to do with searching for crude oil or natural gas underwater/underground, transporting the finds to a refinery and refining the crude to the final end product for the consumer.
    Working in the oil and gas industry means you have the choice of working in any of these fields (on-shore and off-shore). Always exciting!


    If you put your mind to it, advancing in the oil and gas industry is easy. Many companies invite young, motivated individuals to join their companies starting as a junior crew member on a rig. Starting on a rig helps you gain hands-on experience on the field and learning directly from more experienced crew members.
    Growing in the industry requires dedication and effort. Growing your way up from the lower ranks gives you a higher chance of nailing a senior role. These roles require expertise and experience.


    There are always career opportunities in the oil and gas industry. The older individuals in the field are retiring and as such, their positions need to be filled. More roles are being created as even more oil and gas areas are found.
    Aside from the main roles that exist within the industry, there are also a host of other roles that are available to be filled such as technicians, surveyors, operators, etc. There are also roles for finance, communications, marketing and lots more.
    There are enough jobs and quite frankly, not enough people to fill those roles.


That’s it, 5 reasons why you should explore a career in the oil and gas industry. Do you think you are ready to venture into oil and gas? Then visit our website www.globatskills.com/ to see all the oil and gas training courses we offer. Choose what is best for you and let us know.