Reservoir Engineering Software

Globat Oil and Gas offers Reservoir Engineers the opportunity to learn how to use reservoir simulation software that delivers the most complete solution in Nigeria. Reservoir Engineering software helps you enhance field economics, reduce risk and maximise the recovery of oil and gas reserves. 

The entire process from compositional to black oil and thermal recovery of heavy oil resources can be simulated with the advanced range of a reservoir simulation software.

If you’re involved in the calculation of the development of an oil field, Globat instructors will show you how to create a calculation model based on individual concepts. The concepts are derived from hydrodynamic studies of wells and a geological-geophysical study of the field.

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What is Reservoir Engineering?

A key function of a reservoir engineer is the creation of models for oil fields and calculating field development.

An offshoot of petroleum engineering, reservoir engineering applies scientific principles to the flow of fluid through a porous medium during the production of oil and gas reservoirs to achieve a high economic recovery.

A reservoir engineer uses their knowledge of fluid mechanics and geology to find fuel in underground reservoirs. They work with computer modelling software to evaluate oil and natural gas reserves.

Reservoir Engineering software

Reservoir Engineering Software is used during reservoir simulation. This is an area of reservoir engineering where the flow of fluids through porous media is predicted with the aid of computer models. Reservoir simulation is used for forecasting, decision making and management of oil and gas reservoirs.

We’ll focus on the following software

ECLIPSE Simulators

Schlumberger ECLIPSE Suite is an oil and gas reservoir simulator that can be used to model any reservoir type.

ECLIPSE has two separate solvers

ECLIPSE 100 – A fluid model that solves black oil equations on corner point grids.

ECLIPSE 300 – Solves the reservoir flow equation for thermal simulation and compositional hydrocarbon descriptions.

Globat Oil and Gas Skills curriculum provide oil and gas software courses for technical professionals at all experience levels. 

Here’s what You’ll learn in the training

  • ECLIPSE Black Oil Reservoir Simulation
  • Applied Reservoir Simulation with ECLIPSE
  • Chemical Methods for Enhanced Oil Recovery with ECLIPSE
  • ECLIPSE Simulation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
  • FrontSim Streamline Reservoir Simulation
  • ECLIPSE Compositional Simulation
  • ECLIPSE Advanced Topics

IPM Suite (MBAL and Prosper)

The Integrated Production Modelling software (IPM) models the complete oil and gas production system including wells, reservoir and the surface network. IPM suite of tools can run simultaneously to allow you to design complete field models.

 IPM optimises and models the production and the gas or water injection system seamlessly. With the Wells, Reservoir and Complete Surface Systems model completed, production history matched, the production system is optimised and production fore.

Global Skills focuses on two tools within IPM suite

MBAL –  Material Balance

MBAL permits non-dimensional reservoir analysis to be carried out all through the life of the field. It could be in the early field life or when more certainty exists (mature fields).

Using cumulative production and PVT, you’re equipped to discover the amount of oil in place alongside associated drive mechanisms. MBAL is used to describe any hydrocarbon fluid such as Gas, Oil or condensate using compositional or black oil descriptions.

MBAL can be used to forecast or predict as

  • An independent reservoir analysis tool kit
  • A reservoir tool in an integrated model

One of the investigations you’ll perform as a reservoir engineer relates to the determination of the evolution of water-cuts and breakthrough time. 

Applications for MBAL include

  • History Matching
  • Aquifer Modelling
  • Forecasts
  • 1D Model
  • Multilayer Production
  • Reserves estimation using Monte Carlo
  • Decline curve analysis

PROSPER – Well Completions Design

Commercialised in the early 90s, PROSPER has been the subject of development and research for over 20 years. New functionalities and models are added to an extensive list of options every year. Currently, there is over three million combinations of options used to describe the majority of physical phenomena happening in pipelines and wells.

PROSPER features unique modelling capabilities and unrivalled sound technical basis that has evolved as the industry standard for pipeline and well modelling. PROSPER’s calculation engine is used by numerous workflows in fields around the world.

Applications for PROSPER include

  • Outflow (VLPs) Model
  • Inflow (IPRs) Model
  • Multilateral Completions
  • Inflow/Outflow Response
  • Thermal Modelling
  • Flow Assurance
  • Fully Compositional
  • Artificial Lift Systems
  • Perforation Design and Performance
  • Steam Wells

Petrel Reservoir Engineering

The Petrel RE Extension Suite is a collection of plugins to support your workflow as a reservoir engineer.

This course is designed by Globat Skills to introduce reservoir engineers to Petrel’s reservoir engineering tools used in the construction of simulation models. You’ll build 3D simulation models, add wells, create rock physics functions and black fluid models and submit the model to the simulators.

Our hands-on exercise enables you to apply the software skills and cover Petrel simulation workflows. 

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Petrel Reservoir engineering workflows
  • How to Setup a simulation case
  • Introduction to history matching and prediction workflow in Petrel
  • Introduction to Well Engineering workflow in Petrel
  • Introduction to aquifer modelling and local grid refinement in Petrel

How Petrel RE accelerates workflows

  • Analyse data your way – 9x faster data management
  • Enhance everyday interpretation
  • Increase reservoir fidelity
  • Evaluate geological uncertainty
  • Develop enhanced oil recovery scenarios
  • Access the Petrel platform in the DELFI environment

Getting to Globat Oil and Gas Training School

Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State is perhaps the most famous oil-producing city in Nigeria.  The city is surrounded by neighbouring oil and gas states such as Delta, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom.

If you’re visiting from a far distance such as Lagos, Abuja or Ibadan, the Port Harcourt International Airport is the fastest way to get to Port Harcourt. It’s a short 30-minute drive to our facility. 

If you’re driving in, you can access Port Harcourt via the A3 highway running through Aba. Alternatively, type in our address in Google Map for a smooth trip. That’s No.2 Golf View Close, behind Shell Residential Area, off Okporo Road, Artillery, Port Harcourt.

Globat Oil and Gas offers free airport pickup to our training centre and other arrival points in Port Harcourt. We’ll also arrange hotel accommodation upon request.

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