It is no secret that the oil and gas industry is always evolving and growing. That also means that the need for personnel and skilled hands is always in high demand. Being able to identify this gap and proffer a solution to it is what will/can be the difference in the industry as a whole. Training partnership is one way to bridge this gap.


Globat skills oil and gas training clearly identified this gap and began proferring solutions to it over 20 years ago. They identified that it was very costly for current and intending oil and gas professionals to go abroad for routine training. Training that would help them stay relevant in the industry. These courses were/are highly necessary for not only helping individuals stay relevant but also helping them understand better ways to do things. They also learn industry best practices. Globat skills offer a range of oil and gas courses that are taught by industry experts. These experts have years of experience in the field. 


At Globat skills, our mission is to bring affordable and highly beneficial training to companies and individuals in the oil and gas sector to help foster growth and improvement. That is why Globat skills have partnered with RCES oil and gas training who share the same goal and vision as Globat skills. Hard work, integrity, and quality service delivery are the foundation of RCES oil and gas. They aim to provide safety consultation, training, and manpower outsourcing services in the oil and gas industry.

The training partnership between Globat skills and RCES is one that will bring about even greater opportunities. It will also increase access to affordable and high-quality oil and gas training to companies and individuals. This comes at no compromise to the quality of training they offer. 

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