Leaders in Oil and Gas HSE Training Course in Port Harcourt - Nigeria

A job in the oil and gas industry is lucrative but it involves many risks. The process of oil drilling, refining, mining could be hazardous to health.

Because of the health and safety risks, businesses in the petroleum industry are required to provide oil and gas HSE training for their employees.

Globat Oil and Gas, Port Harcourt, offers internationally recognised certification in oil and gas operational safety. It provides trainees with a broad understanding of key health and safety issues specific to the petrochemical industry.

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What is Oil and Gas HSE Training Course?

Globat Oil and gas HSE training course is an introduction to the basic elements of an effective oil and gas industry safety management system.

The training provides the resources and information needed to keep the workplace safe and ultimately enhance productivity. Employees, managers, supervisors, health and safety advisors, employee representatives, and other personnel in leadership positions must undergo training in how to mitigate risks in their workplaces.

This training teaches you how to

  • Address safety requirements of an oil and gas installation
  • Control hazards
  • Respond to an emergency
  • Use personal safety equipment

At Globat Oil and Gas, Port Harcourt, we give you intensive training which covers:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Environmental safety
  • Fire protection
  • Emergency response
  • Logistics
  • Transport operations

At Globat Oil and Gas, we equip you with the skills to identify and address health and safety issues promptly. Our instructors adhere to international standards and management requirements during HSE training. This enables our trainees to discharge workplace safety responsibilities both onshore and offshore.

What is included in the Oil and Gas HSE Training Course?

Helicopter Landing Officer / Helideck Assistance Training Course (HLO/HDA)

The offshore working environment is technical and narrow. Helicopter takeoff and landing around the helideck must be coordinated by highly trained personnel. It also requires effective communication with the cabin crew and on-duty crew member. We also cover safety briefings hand signaling, helicopter refueling, helideck emergency rescue and other topics  in the HLO training syllabus.

The course content

  1. Offshore Helideck regulation and guidelines
  2. Helicopter and helideck hazard and management system
  3. HLO responsibility during helicopter landing and department
  4. Supervision of passengers and cargo handling transport of dangerous goods by air (DGBA)awareness
  5. HLO normally unattended installation (HLO responsibilities)
  6. Supervision of HDA’s
  7. Helicopter refueling awareness

The HLO course is certificate is valid for two years. We provide insight on both offshore and onshore career path-way for professional. We also enlist you in our job portal. You will have free access to submit your CV.

Helideck Fire Fighting Training

Despite the best efforts of all involved in helicopter operations, accidents happen. The potential for accidents and the limits of operation at remote helidecks require an immediate and correct response to prevent serious injury or property damage. All HLO/HAD staff must know how to fight a helicopter fire board.

The course content


  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Fire and Classes of Fire
  • Extinguishing Agents for Helicopter Landing Areas
  • Fire Detection Systems for Helicopter Landing Areas (on site)
  • Basic Helicopter Design and Construction
  • On-site Accident Preparedness Planning (Local Unit Plan)
  • Helicopter Operational Hazards
  • Types of Emergency
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Emergency Tools and Equipment Helideck Fire Fighting Techniques
  • Helicopter Makes and Models
  • Rescue of Occupants -Entry -Seat Belt Cutter -Fatalities
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Basic First Aid –CPR
  • Film Show: Responding to an emergency

Our track record for the course

Over 85% of our student who studied this course has assurance of getting employed

Cost of Health and Safety training course will be made known on call

The cost fee will include –

Registration fee, materials fee

Tea /lunch break

We also deliver HSE training offshore.

Helicopter Landing Officer / Helideck Assistance Training Course (HLO/HDA)


  • Refueling Operations
  • Types of Fuel and Identification
  • Fueling Hazards
  • De-fueling and Safety Precautions
  • Vendor Responsibility, Government Responsibility
  • Legislations
  • Film Show: Helideck Crew Briefing
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Breathing Apparatus Donning Procedures


  • Incipient stage fire fighting
  • Use of portable fire extinguishers
  • Hose and Hose Handling
  • Hoses under pressure
  • Foam and foam making equipment
  • Issuance of Certificates

Our track record for the course

  • Over 85% of our delegates who studied this course had the assurance of getting employed
  • Cost of health and safety training will be made known on call
  • The cost fee will include –
  • Registration fee, materials fee
  • Tea /lunch break
  • Duration of the course is 3 days.
  • We also deliver trainings offshore.

Basic And Advance Fire Fighting Training

The aim of this course is to inform you on what to do if you are confronted with fire and smoke. Firefighting on board offshore installations/ facilities could be complex to deal with, test the expertise of fire fighters and their physical endurance. Such incidents present the firefighters with difficult problems.

To cope effectively, firefighters require comprehensive background knowledge on the installation. Firefighters must also ensure that familiarization systems are in place so that personnel are made aware of any particular risks in their own areas (including transient or temporary risks).

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Principles of combustion and fire growth
  • Classification of fire and Extinguishing media
  • Methods of fire extinction
  • Causes of fire on our facilities
  • Fire protection
  • Managing fire incident safety
  • Emergency evacuation procedure
  • Foam and foam making equipment
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) donning procedures
  • Hose and hose handling
  • Practical fire fighting

Our track record for the course

  • Over 85% of our delegate who studied this course has assurance of getting employed
  • Cost of HSE training will be made known on call
  • The cost fee will include –
  • Registration fee, materials fee
  • Tea /lunch break
  • Duration of the course is 3days.
  • We also deliver Oil and gas HSE training offshore.

Offshore Emergency Responses Team Member /Leader (OERTM/L)

The initial training programme is an opportunity to learn the necessary skills and required to perform the role of offshore emergency response team member in the event of fire. If you already have this qualification but require further training you can also apply.

Course content

At the end of the training delegate will be able to

  • Define the role of the emergency team member and understand their key responsibilities
  • Understand the importance of having Offshore Emergency Response (OER) arrangement and procedure in place
  • Understand the importance of offshore emergency response procedures
  • Identify hazard and risk mitigation associated with typical offshore fire and non-fire incidents
  • Understand fix fire system offshore including its performance capability and limitations
  • Identify the emergency response Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirement for offshore (OERTM)
  • Demonstrate the ability to approach an incident area in a controlled manner. This will be under the instruction of the offshore emergency team leader (OERTL) while assessing how the changes in the emergency could affect the safety of other (OER) team members
  • Use safe working practices and follow site specific procedures
  • Demonstrate the ability to choose and operate flush foam firefighting equipment
  • Extinguish a fire and secure an area
  • Conduct breathing apparatus operation in accordance with safe practices
  • Conduct effective search and rescue operation during emergencies
  • Demonstrate correct casualty handling and recovery techniques
  • The use of Breathing Apparatus (BA) in rescuer and fighting fire.

Duration of the course is 3days

Course fee covers

Registration, tea/lunch break and course material

We could also deliver training offshore

Survival Swimming & Rescue Operation Training

To successfully complete this training, all delegates must be able to demonstrate:

Donning of a permanent buoyancy lifejacket prior to use in an emergency.

The correct actions when mustering and boarding a survival craft (TEMPSC) as a passenger during launching operations.

Fitting of a helicopter strop and correct body posture during winching.


  • Water safety
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Basic Aquatic skills
  • Stroke mechanics
  • Sidestroke
  • How to rescue someone who is drowning


At the end of the program, participants will be able to

  • Apply water safety applications
  • Swim the length of a standard swimming pool suspended under water.
  • Rescue a drowning person to the shore
  • Carry out immediate First Aid (CAB)

Training requirements

  • Medical certificate of fitness
  • A pair of swimming trunk or boxers
  • A Towel
  • Lifejacket


Training durations

8 Hours a day for two days

Why do you need Oil and Gas HSE Training Course?


The oil and gas industry has a fatality rate 7 times higher than in other sectors. Oil drilling and refining expose you to dust and other toxic chemicals which can cause disease.

The chemicals could cause serious chemical burns and poisoning. There is a risk of fire and explosions, structural accidents, and psychological stress from working in a distant and often isolated location.

For decades, Globat Oil and Gas, Port Harcourt, has partnered with employers in the oil and gas industry to develop a targeted oil and gas HSE training course which includes courses that highlight the conditions and risks associated with petroleum exploration and production.

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    Benefits of Oil and Gas HSE Training Course

    To succeed in the oil and gas sector, businesses must measure up to international standards in safety management.

    Health and Safety training:

    • Helps employers to understand and implement standard safety practices in their respective organisations
    • Helps workers to understand the essential safety rules they must comply with and how to act in an emergency
    • Helps them learn the effective use of personal protective equipment
    • Facilitates an increase in personnel’s commitment to work safely
    • Increases their awareness of the risks to which they are exposed and how they can be managed
    • Provides an understanding of risk assessment and accident-prevention strategies
    • Makes it easy to master health and safety policies and management of risk, fire safety, physical processes of work and the environment, emergency management, and control of contractors

    The benefits of safety training to employers include:

    • An increase in employee morale will boost the productivity of a business.
    • Educating workers on the basics of oil and gas safety can save a company from costly legal battles with employees and lifelong support for their families.
    • Prioritising the safety of personnel keeps them from quitting their job because of work-related injury and keep financial losses at a minimum.
    • Safety training enhances work output and quality, ultimately increasing the company’s profit in the long run.
    • It promotes employee loyalty.
    • Employers who take measures to keep their workers safe are more satisfied with their employees.

    Where can you find Oil and Gas HSE Training Course in Nigeria?

    For over three decades, Globat Oil and Gas, Port Harcourt, has been helping many companies in Nigeria reach the required international standards. We offer the same standard of training obtainable in prestigious international firms. Our institute, Globat Oil and Gas Skills, based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, is one of the most reputable in Nigeria. It is a product of Globat Nigeria Limited which has been active in the oil and gas sector since its founding in 1981.

    We provide quality training for companies and individuals seeking to qualify for oil and gas job positions. Global Oil and Gas Skills has a state-of-the-art training centre that provides a relaxed and interactive learning environment for the trainees. We also provide in-house HSE training which is privately done at your location by our experts.

    Apart from oil and gas HSE training, we audit and certify companies, provide consulting services and experienced knowledgeable workforce for companies. Global Oil and Gas Skills is at 2 Golf View Close, behind Shell Residential Area on R-D Road, off Okporo Road, Artillery, Port Harcourt. Rivers State.

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