Leaders in Mud Logging Training Course in Port Harcourt - Nigeria

Would you like to acquire mud logging skills? Globat Oil and Gas Skills offers advanced mud logging training course in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

At Globat Oil and Gas – Port Harcourt, we offer petroleum skills training to newcomers and experts in the oil and gas industry. Our certificates are locally and globally recognised. We are also certified by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

Some of our courses include mud logging, well site geology training, petroleum geology, oil and gas safety, log interpretation, drill engineering, and other fields in the petroleum industry. These courses are delivered at our training facility in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. We also present in-house, company-specific courses at any location in Nigeria

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Why Do You Need Mud Logging Training?

Our aim is to help you understand the surface measurement of drilling parameters, gas data, geological information, how geological descriptions are done, and the process of building a lithostratigraphic column.

By the end of the mud logging training course, you will comprehend the added value of mud logging data, the elements in relation to data quality control, and the skills needed to challenge the data quality.

Our experienced instructors will also ensure you have the ability to attain your desired career goal by making informed decisions.

Mud logging training course outline:

  • Rig types and rig components
  • Types of drilling mud and their functions
  • Rig operations
  • Drilling (vertical and directional)
  • Casing and cementing
  • The role of the mud logging unit
  • Understanding mud logging equipment
  • Lag time advanced drilling calculations
  • Describing formation cuttings
  • Log interpretation
  • Engineering/drilling data interpretation
  • Difference between measured depth and true vertical depth

Who Needs Globat Mud Logging Training Course?

Every person who has a career in the oil and gas industry needs to have basic training and certification in mud logging. This course is open to fresh graduates, corps members, advanced specialists in the oil and gas field, and stakeholders in the industry. As a fresh graduate, our mud logging training course increases your chances of working with a reputable firm in the oil and gas sector.

If you hope to build a career in the oil and gas sector irrespective of your field of study, then you need to get professional mud logging training.

Do you have a job in the petroleum industry? Globat Petrol Skills offers professional development and the opportunity to delve into other areas of oil and gas exploration and production.

As an employer, mud logging training increases the productivity of your workforce and boosts the credibility of your company in the international circle.

Benefits of mud logging training

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Make well-to-well correlation
  • Understand well drilling and mud logging equipment
  • Calculate the lag time and advanced volumes calculations
  • Describe the formation cuttings and integrate the cuttings’ evaluation with the drilling parameters
  • Evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of the formation and different types of pressure
  • Handle formation pressure to minimise borehole risks
  • Deal with drilling mud rheology and hydraulics
  • Handle, process, and describe cores

Where Can You Get Mud Logging Training in Nigeria?

A practical aspect of our mud lugging training course
Our mud logging unit

For over three decades, Globat Oil and Gas, Port Harcourt, has offered the standard of training obtainable in prestigious international firms. Our institute, Globat Mud School, Port Harcourt, is one of the most reputable in Nigeria. It is a product of Globat Nigeria Limited which has been active in the oil and gas sector since 1981.

We provide quality mud logging training course for companies and individuals seeking to qualify for oil and gas job positions. We also provide in-house training which is privately done at your location, according to your schedule. Globat Nigeria Limited audits and certifies companies, providing consulting services and experienced workforce for companies.

Our state-of-the-art training centre provides a relaxed and interactive learning environment for our trainees. It is located at 2 Golf View Close, behind Shell Residential Area on R-D Road, off Okporo Road, Artillery, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

How to Find Us

Port Harcourt is the capital city of Rivers State, the foremost oil-producing state in Nigeria. We are headquartered in Port Harcourt where major oil multinationals in Nigeria have their head offices.

Port Harcourt is surrounded by other oil-producing cities such as Warri, Bonny Camp, and Effurun. The city can be accessed by air or road.

You can access Port Harcourt via the Onne Trunk Road or the A3 highway which runs north from Port Harcourt through Aba. If you are travelling from Lagos or Abuja, you can take an hour-long flight to Port Harcourt.

The Port Harcourt International Airport is located at Omagwa which is a 30-minute drive from our office. You can take either the Obasanjo Bypass or Rumuokwuta Road. We offer free pickup services from the Port Harcourt International Airport and other arrival points within the city.


What is mud logging?

Mud logging is the creation of a detailed record or well log of a borehole by examining the cuttings of rock brought to the surface with the circulating drilling medium.

What do mud loggers do?

in an oil field operation, mud logging technicians determine positions of hydrocarbons with respect to depth, identify downhole lithology, monitor natural gas entering the drilling mud stream and draw well logs for use by oil companies.

Apart from petroleum exploration, is mud logging used elsewhere?

Yes. Mud logging is sometimes used when drilling water wells and in other mineral exploration where drilling fluid is the circulating medium used to lift cuttings out of the hole.

Is the mud logging training course exclusive to only petroleum engineers?

No. Geologists, petrol-physicists, reservoir engineers, technical and support staff can register for mud logging training. Apart from the aforementioned fields, those seeking a career in the oil and gas industry can boost their chances by getting training and Globat’s DPR approved certificate.

Can’t I just learn on the job?

When it comes to the petrochemical industry, learning on the job is often life-threatening. Mud logging requires a good deal of diligence and attention. It is sometimes dangerous. You need intensive training to handle the process. Globat Oil and Gas Skills equips you with knowledge about safety and best practices in relation to mud logging processes.

Do you offer internal company mud logging training?

Yes, we offer in-house trainings which are tailored to fit your organisation and satisfy your objectives. It is conducted at your location according to your schedule by our experts. In-company courses are significantly less expensive and constantly in demand by the companies we partner with.

How much is your mud logging training course?

The registration fee for any of our courses is N10, 000 (30.00USD). You must pay this fee to reserve a position for your desired training window. For the tuition fee of the specific course you desire, please email us at info@globatskills.com.com, or call us on +234803-837-433
for a quote.

Are there discounts that I should know about?

We offer discounts to NYSC corp members who want to take our courses. Please indicate your NYSC status when you call.

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