At Globat Skills, we take pride in delivering high-quality training to our students and corporate clients. We teach courses that are of high industry-standard. Courses that guarantee your move to the next stage in your career journey.

Previously, individuals and corporate bodies had to go abroad to learn the skills that would keep them at the top of their game in the oil and gas industry. The CEO of Globat Skills, Boma Femi Julius, who is a seasoned oil and gas engineer, saw this gap and felt the pull to fill it after being a victim of the high cost of going abroad to learn these valuable skills.

By partnering with other seasoned professionals, he was able to bring valuable knowledge and skills home. This, of course, reduced the cost to a very affordable rate. Now, individuals and corporate clients no longer have to go abroad to get this knowledge. Globat Skills has consistently delivered knowledge necessary to scale in the oil and gas sector.

The recent partnership with RCES Training only buttresses the impact that Globat Skills is making.

For a full list of the courses Globat Skills offers, kindly click this link: Globat Skills x RCES Courses


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