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Defensive Driving

Globat Oil and Gas Skills in collaboration with Chandus Global Venture offer Defensive Driving Training. Driving is one of the most dangerous activities. Yet, we do it every day. Most driving deaths are preventable. A defensive driving training course with Globat Skills helps you relearn basic driving techniques and arms you with the tools to stay safe on the road.

Also known as an accident prevention course, we’ve designed this defensive driving training to teach you basic and advanced driving strategies that minimise risks associated with road hazards. Take Globat’s defensive driving course in our classroom or invite us to your location.

Our defensive driving course is fully interactive, fun and filled with valuable driving tips. Our instructors are certified driving instructors who use practical visuals and modern multimedia techniques to teach you emergency, traffic laws and defensive driving methods.

If your business employs drivers, we can arrange classes on-site to prevent disruption in your schedule. This course is ideal for sales reps on the road, professional drivers and anyone who operates a vehicle. A defensive driving course improves your organisation’s safety record and mitigates your risk when your driver is on the road.

Our defensive driving course helps avoid traffic crashes and maintain vehicles through training and re-training of drivers in the corporate and private sectors. We also offer safety consultation on vehicle management.

Our goal is to equip drivers through intensive workshops, seminars and training. 

This course is not limited to residents of Port Harcourt. Globat defensive driving instructors will arrange onsite training outside Port Harcourt at your request.

Ready to become a better driver?

What is Defensive Driving

Defensive driving skills save lives, money and time. The term describes people who strive for road safety. Defensive driving helps drivers become proactive, safer motorists. You’ll prepare for the unexpected and learn precautions that prevent accidents before they happen.

Essentially, defensive driving equips you with strategies to address identified hazards. It goes beyond simple driving instructions or procedures. Safety is achieved through an awareness of road conditions such as bad weather, drunk drivers, construction ahead, slowing traffic or anticipated hazards.

Examples of Defensive Driving

Over 90% of vehicle crashes are caused by driver error. Examples of defensive driving techniques include: 

  • Do not put absolute faith in other drivers on the road.
  • Practice Self Discipline.
  • Increase your distance around aggressive or swerving drivers.
  • Maintain a positive and calm attitude when you’re driving.
  • Avoid blind spots and be visible to other drivers.
  • Eliminate distractions such as text messaging or talking on the phone.
  • Have an escape plan for when a vehicle drifts into your lane, a driver in front of you slams the brakes suddenly or someone runs a red light.
  • Frequently check your mirrors and scan the road as far down as possible.

The Basic Concepts of Defensive Driving

  • Follow basic traffic laws. Traffic laws exist to protect motorists. It is the first life of defence against accidents.
  • Observe the Three Second Rule. Your car should pass a stationary object no earlier than 3 seconds after the car in front of you passed it. This is a precaution for optimal safety.
  • Limit distractions. Place your GPS in a location that doesn’t impede your view of the road. 
  • Allow aggressive drivers to drive away from you. Do not participate in their antics or antagonize them.
  • Be knowledgeable. This is where defensive driving training helps you acquire more information that reduces the incidence of vehicle accidents and ensures a pleasant driving experience.

Course Outline

    1. Defensive driving
    2. Attitude and behaviour of drivers
    3. Traffic rules and regulations
    4. Vehicle management and maintenance
    5. Risk and safety management

    In each of the courses, various topics will be dealt with, which are described below with their scopes.

    Defensive Driving

    • The concept of driving.
    • Meaning of defensive driving.
    • The qualities of a defensive driver.
    • Things a defensive driver must know.
    • Conditions that affect defensive driving.
    • What a defensive driver must do.
    • Driving hours

    Attitude and behaviour of a good driver

    • The practice of defensive driving techniques, the anticipation of hazards and alertness to vehicle conditions.
    • Dedication to duty.
    • Neatness and cheerful countenance.
    • Integrity
    • Report writing
    • Good conduct
    • Temperament 

    Traffic rules regulations

    • Concept of traffic rules and regulations.
    • Importance of traffic rules and regulations.
    • Road traffic signs.
    • Rules guiding road lanes (lane discipline).
    • Types of road lanes.
    • Overtaking 
    • Warning signals
    • Traffic control signals.

    Vehicle maintenance

    • Routine vehicle checks
    • Vehicle testing
    • Administration of vehicle examination
    • Mechanical examination
    • Types of inspection
    • Parts to be inspected
    • Speed limits

    Risk and Safety Management 

    This course is mainly for supervisors but drivers are also encouraged to participate.

    • Definition of risk
    • How to ascertain or evaluate risks
    • Decision making
    • Managing mobility risks (hazard and operation-ability study, vehicle break down management, road traffic accident database management and more).
    • Quantitative risk management

Program Outline

The course runs in a classroom setting, twice-weekly for two hours daily. We also organise in house training within your organization’s premises. This ensures the drivers maintain their schedule. 

The drivers will be trained/retrained in batches, depending on the number of drivers to ensure comprehensive training.

For record-keeping and performance evaluation purposes, we require the regular attendance of all participants. Aptitude test will be conducted at the end of the training.


Benefits of a defensive driving course

Improved safety outcomes

You have more time to react when you follow a car length behind. You can hit the brakes if the car in front makes a sudden move, preventing an accident. Defensive driving teaches you to observe the best habits to prevent fatalities or injuries.

Save money

You reduce your insurance premium by up to 10% when your drivers have completed a defensive driving course. The course is worth your time and money considering how much you save on insurance.

Become a better driver

A US study of 1,000 defensive driving graduates revealed that 89% became safer drivers after the course. Courses are taught in a classroom, behind the wheel or on-site to avoid disrupting your schedule.

Reduce fines and avoid losing your license

You don’t want to be pulled over by FRSC for bad driving. That could cost you money in fines or a suspended license. A defensive driving course ensures you maintain your clean driving record.

Control road rage

Road rage is a situation where the driver is aggressive towards himself or other drivers. It is a dangerous emotion that puts the lives of drivers around the aggressor at risk. Defensive driving teaches you how to control your emotions and make smart decisions that prevent accidents.

Refresh driving knowledge

40% of accidents happen at road intersections. It’s been years since you reviewed Nigeria’s driving regulations. Globat Defensive Driving course is a unique opportunity to enhance and refresh your driving knowledge.

Fewer Car Repairs

Apart from keeping you safe on the road, defensive driving lengthens the lifespan of your car and maintains your car. Aggressive drivers are more likely to spend more time in the repair shop because they slam the brakes in a way that wears down tires and brake pads. It also has an impact on car mileage. With defensive driving, your car lasts longer and suffers fewer problems.

Other Benefits Include

  • Increase vehicle efficiency and performance
  • Carry out vehicle checks
  • Incorporate safety consciousness and competence in driving
  • Promote safety standards within the organization
  • Instil professionalism among drivers 
  • Understand and assess accident and vehicle risks
  • Manage risk
  • Understand their obligations to the organization

Ready to become a better driver?

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