Individuals and companies in the oil and gas industry had to travel outside Nigeria to seek intensive and professional oil and gas training due to a dearth of specialised training in the country.

Globat Oil and Gas, Port Harcourt, saw this gap in the market and brought professional, comprehensive oil and gas training in Nigeria. For over 38 years, Globat Oil and Gas have provided expert training, consulting services and an experienced, knowledgeable workforce for companies in the oil and gas sector. We have engaged with leading petroleum companies, training institutes, and individuals to provide the best oil and gas training services in the country.

Globat Oil and Gas offer the same standard of training and exhaustive tutoring as their international counterparts, thereby solving the problem of proximity and expenditure.

Our Leadership

Boma Femi Julius, CEO of Globat Oil and Gas Port Harcourt, specialises in the petroleum process, technical and operational procedures, and project management.

Mr Julius, who has worked in numerous African countries and the Middle East, obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. He was trained at the prestigious Petroskills USA, Gulf Publishing Company (World Oil High-Pressure High-Temperature Drilling and Completions Conference) Houston USA, Murchison Drilling School USA, amongst other renowned institutes.

He amassed experience in the field of oil and gas while working with Baker Hughes GE, Sterling Global Oil Resources (Geo Mud), Globat Mud School, Schlumberger Gabon, M.I–Swaco, Saudi Aramco and Geo-Fluids LTD.

Since the inception of Globat Petroleum Training in Nigeria, Boma has engaged with international oil and gas giants such as Perenco Gabon, Saudi Aramco, Afren Resources Limited, Exxon Mobil, Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC), Con Oil, Total Nigeria, Addax Petroleum Exploration Nig. Ltd and Sterling Global Oil Resources Limited.

Mr Julius is a people-oriented leader who is passionate about the evolution of Globat Oil and Gas. The innovation and standards the institute has set for itself both in Nigeria and internationally attest to this.

By working closely with the staff at Globat Oil and Gas, he has collected and disseminated technical knowledge of the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources. This has helped the professionals in the oil and gas industry to enhance their technical and professional competence.

Boma Femi Julius CEO


Companies That Partner with Us

The knowledge and qualifications of your workforce need to be constantly upgraded to remain an authority in your field. This holds true for all industries especially one as sensitive as oil and gas. Oil and Gas training is essential to keep services at the highest standard. The training helps you develop a superior workforce that can offer the best service to your clients.

Firms which specialise in oil and gas exploration such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Total, and Shell leverage the training opportunities such as this to educate their employees. Globat Oil serves as a partner to the oil and gas industry, delivering consistent, high quality, learning and development training, and programmes aimed at building competent petroleum professionals.

Globat oil and gas training in Nigeria allow employers to improve the competence of their workforce at every level. Our courses can be tailored to suit different oilfield operation needs.

The Skills That Globat Oil and Gas Offers

We offer manpower solutions and oil and gas consultation services. Our oil and gas training courses provide the skills and knowledge essential to work effectively in today’s digital oilfield and our individual courses and extended programmes are tailored to suit the requirements of each client. Our interactive training courses provide a better understanding of how the business works in practice. We cover areas such as

  • Mud logging services
  • Solids control and waste management
  • Completions
  • Slickline
  • Bids and Tendering Management
  • Mud Engineering
  • Oil and gas accounting or petroleum accounting
  • Oil and gas safety training
  • Primary cementing
  • Environmental accounting
  • Mud Supervisor training

Why Choose Us?

For over three decades, Globat Oil and Gas have delivered excellent manpower solutions and oil and gas training. The reasons we have remained at the top include:

Seasoned instructors

We understand the need for competent drilling fluids engineers, cementers, mud loggers, oil and gas accountants etc. That is why our courses are delivered by first-class professionals who combine academic-based learning with hands-on training.

Our instructors are leading technical experts who are adept at addressing the challenges the industry faces today. They allow access to high-quality course material and laboratory facilities. The knowledge they share is drawn mainly from their experience as industry experts.

They utilise the insights gained from working with international leading companies to offer knowledge that improves the overall performance of their trainees.

Perfect learning environment

At Globat Oil and Gas, we provide a relaxed environment which encourages participation and facilitates the learning process. We believe every trainee deserves individual time and attention and we achieve this by creating smaller class sizes.

Through our basic courses, we give our trainees the skills required for a successful career in the petroleum industry. With a subject matter that is current and meticulously prepared, the learning experience is active, stimulating, and relevant from the first minute of class to the last.

Continuous reinvention

Globat Oil and Gas is always looking to acquire the latest technological tools and methods in the oil and gas industry. We are in constant communication with different international boards and alliances for industry-led guidance.

Our training programmes and courses are sifted through technical networks and a quality-check process to ensure that our courses address the current industry needs. This culminates in training that aligns with today’s need for competency, development, and assurance.

Convenient for the client

We deliver knowledge when, where, and how it is needed without jeopardising the comfort of the client. Globat Oil and Gas training in Nigeria provide a state-of-the-art training environment with comfortable accommodation arrangements for relaxed and interactive learning.

We also provide in-house training which is privately done at the location of your choice according to your schedule. You save time, money, and travel hassles by bringing our courses to your site or to any convenient location you choose.