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If you would like to take your career in the oil and gas industry to the next level, you need training and certification from Globat Oil and Gas Skills.

Globat Oil and Gas Skills is affiliated with Globat Nigeria Ltd. (RC 41263 Est. 1981 founders of Globat mud school), a registered and certified training school in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Our staff are highly qualified trainers with diverse experience from the world’s leading exploration and production multinationals. Our staff have worked with companies such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Total, Shell, Apache, British Petroleum, Saudi Aramco and Conoco Philips. We are certified by Nigeria’s Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

Globat Oil and Gas training course offer skills that cut across different aspects of the oil and gas industry. This includes drilling, management, and supervisory functions. If you are a student, mud man, an engineer, or an aspiring one in the field of oil and gas, we provide the skills and knowledge that can give you a competitive edge in the sector.

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Our Approach

At Globat Oil and Gas Skills, we transform you into an authority in your chosen oil and gas field. We help you acquire the industry’s most sought-after skills. We’ll make you a valuable asset through our tailored oil and gas training programme.

Globat petroleum skills training is delivered by distinguished professionals who have local and international experience in the oil and gas sector.

Practical lessons for petroleum engineering

At Globat Oil and Gas Skills, our practical lessons for petroleum engineering and oil and gas training courses ensure you have the skills needed to solve real-world problems in the field.

Our trainers politely and carefully guide you through each aspect of the training programme. Globat oil and gas training programmes are available at great value prices to ensure you get full returns on your investment.

Find Your Oil and Gas Training Course

Our courses cover a wide variety of disciplines within the oil and gas sector. You can select multiple courses depending on your speciality or career goals.

Are you uncertain about the oil and gas training courses that are ideal for you? Are you unsure of your long- or short-term career goals? Please contact us via phone or email. Our experienced consultants will provide all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Conducive Learning Facility

The location of our facility in Port Harcourt puts us in the centre of the most active commercial oil and gas market in Nigeria.

This makes us accessible to the thousands of oil and gas workers in Nigeria’s oil-rich South-South region.

Coming in from outside Nigeria or Port Harcourt? Globat Oil and Gas Skills Training Centre is a 30-minute drive from the Port Harcourt International Airport. We are accessible to those coming in from outside Port Harcourt or Nigeria for our training programmes.

During your stay, we will provide you with comfortable lodging and feeding. You also have the option to enjoy the luxury of the top-class hotels close to our premises.

Other features you can look forward to at our training centre include:

  • 24-hour staff support
  • Complimentary breakfast and beverages for the duration of the programme
  • Over 20,000 sq. ft. of flexible training space
  • State-of-the-art audio/visual equipment to facilitate interactive training sessions
  • Free wireless internet throughout our premises
  • Ample parking space
  • Serene and secure environment

Would you like to enquire about our facilities or know our upcoming training schedule? Call us today on +234-908-4991-700 Or Leave us a Message

    About Our Training Programme

    Our training focuses on the theory and practical application of core concepts in the oil and gas industry. We also cover all aspects of drilling fluids technology.

    We deliver our oil and gas training courses via interactive in-person lectures, group discussions, slide presentations, exercises, weekly and spot tests, and laboratory workshops. This process ensures each candidate is carried along at all stages of the programme.

    Our petroleum training courses are built on diverse everyday experiences unique to the oil and gas sector. We cover different aspects of drilling, oil exploration, and more. Globat Oil and Gas Skills equips you with the practical knowledge required to overcome the complex challenges of the oil and gas industry.

    Recent Updates

    Who Should Take the Globat Oil and Gas Training Course?

    Our oil and gas courses are for…

    • Science or engineering graduates
    • Drilling/workover/completion managers within the oil and gas industry
    • Supervisors
    • Engineers
    • Rig managers
    • Toolpushers
    • Drillers and Derrickmen
    • Historians and individuals who studied courses not related to engineering

    If you are looking to start a career in the oil and gas industry or rise through the ranks of your chosen oil and gas career to become an expert, Globat Oil and Gas Skills has got you covered.

    Our experienced skills instructors provide the skills and tools to work as a mud engineer, cementer, mud logger and solid control engineer. You can apply these skills at the mud plant, in the office, mud lab, drilling, and workover rigs, or anywhere else in your chosen career.

    Our Guarantee

    We guarantee that regardless of the petroleum training course you choose; you can look forward to the following:

    • Training in petroleum engineering that delivers real-world knowledge
    • Friendly prices for high-value courses
    • Training on safety best practices within the industry
    • Free pick up to our facility from the airport or other parts of Port Harcourt
    • Training in the basics of spudding a well, drilling a well, plugging and abandoning a well, completion
    • Learning the major roles of a petroleum engineer and interpersonal skills that will boost your networking capability to further your career
    • A unique experience that gives you an edge in the oil and gas sector

    Launch Your Career in the Oil and Gas Sector with Globat Skills

    Our oil and gas training course is private and conducted in-house by our experts. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be issued our DPR approved “Certificate of Completion”. We offer monthly training courses. You can pick a date to start your desired programme.

    Call us now on +234-803-8377-433 or Leave us a message to get started.